The Tooth Fairy Struggle…is Real

September 6, 2017

Kid crying cause mom forgot tooth fairyIf your parents offered up tooth fairy services to you as a child, it’s time for you to say thanks! It may seem like a snap taking a tooth leaving some cash, but as any first time tooth fairy will tell you, being a good tooth fairy is hard work. Sneakiness, manual dexterity, making the story sound fun and not creepy…the tooth fairy struggle is real. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the tooth fairy is an opportunity to talk to your child about their oral health. They think they’re having fun, but a great tooth fairy will always sneak in some lessons about keeping teeth healthy.

True Tooth Fairy Tales

Any dentist will tell you, talking to parents about their tooth fairy fails is one of the best parts of the job, and experienced parents will tell you laughing at their mistakes made being the tooth fairy as fun for them as it was for the kids. Being a tooth fairy probably won’t be easy, but if you keep your sense of humor about it, it will definitely be fun. Some of the hilarious all true tooth fairy tales we’ve heard include gems like these:

  • I forgot to make the tooth fairy exchange. I told my daughter the tooth fairy called and said she was out of town and would bring her money tomorrow.
  • My five year old said he saw the tooth fairy and it was 6 feet tall with pointy nails.
  • My older daughter told her little sister the tooth fairy eats their teeth!
  • Ran out of cash, so the tooth fairy gave my son a used Starbucks giftcard.

Tips for Improving Your Tooth Fairy Game

If you’re new to the tooth fairy game, there are a few basics you need to tackle before you get started, including the following tips to up your tooth fairy game:

  • Set an alarm or have a friend or family member give you a call, so you don’t fall asleep and miss the tooth fairy’s window of opportunity.
  • Get your fibs ready in case you get caught! For instance, if your child sees you sneaking into the room, say you’re trying to catch the tooth fairy. If you get caught with your hand under the pillow, say you were making sure the tooth fairy came.
  • When it comes to choosing a dollar (or cent) amount for your child’s tooth, the decision should be based less on the going rate of teeth and more on your own child’s personality. You want to find the perfect amount to make losing teeth seem like a fun and not scary event while not giving kids so much money they yank their teeth out before they’re ready!

Meet Dr. Benzley

Your trusted tooth fairy trainer, Laney Benzley, DDS, and the whole team at Castle Rock Smiles are here to help if you need our assistance talking to your little ones about the tooth fairy, their oral health, or any other tooth related topics. Give our caring dentistry team a call to schedule an appointment in our state-of-the-art, kid friendly Castle Rock dentistry office. Want to stay in the know about all our dental services? Stop by to read our blog regularly.