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Tiny Teeth, Big Sensitivity: How to Help Your Child with Sensitive Teeth

October 13, 2023

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Children smiling with sensitive teeth while holding hands

As a parent, it can feel like you’re naturally plugged into every nuance of your child. You can tell when they’re feeling something, whether it’s an emotion or a physical ailment. When it comes to their oral health, tooth sensitivity can be a cause for concern. It can appear in various ways, from discomfort during meals to sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.

If you want to learn the reasons behind sensitive teeth in your tots and see how you can help them with their discomfort, continue reading.


The History of Fluoride & Your Child’s Teeth

December 8, 2022

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child receiving fluoride

Everyone knows that fluoride is a natural mineral that dentists use to better protect teeth. When it comes to young smiles, children often need this added barrier because of the high potential for cavities. But if you’re wondering how fluoride was discovered and eventually became the go-to safeguard for dentists to use to combat decay, read on.


Pulp Therapy: Why Baby Teeth Are Worth Saving

November 4, 2022

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little girl getting pulp therapy to save her baby teeth

As an adult, when you have a bad cavity, you get a root canal to retain your permanent tooth. But what happens if your child gets a bad cavity in one of their baby teeth? Depending on how severely the decay has damaged the tooth, they could need either a pulpotomy or a pulpectomy to rescue it from extraction. But is it really worthwhile to preserve a baby tooth? Keep reading to learn the difference between these procedures and why you should make every effort to save your child’s growing smile through pulp therapy.


Why Praising Kids for Brushing Their Teeth Matters

October 4, 2022

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Every parent knows what it’s like to try to make a child brush their teeth who doesn’t want to. There are a lot of items on the market designed to help in this regard, such as fancy brushes, apps, toys, etc. But research has shown that the best tool actually won’t cost you a thing – encouragement! Keep reading to learn from a pediatric dentist in Castle Rock why you should praise your child for handling brushing teeth on their own and how you should go about it.


4 Things Nursing Mothers Should Know About Oral Health

September 30, 2022

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Woman breastfeeding baby

There are all sorts of different decisions to be made as a parent, including whether you opt for breastfeeding, formula, or a combination of the two. If you choose to do so, there are countless benefits of breastfeeding your baby. In fact, breastfeeding can help to protect them against short and long-term illnesses and diseases. Continue reading to find out some interesting oral health facts that nursing moms should be aware of.


Is Thumb-Sucking Harmful for Your Child’s Smile?

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Child sucking thumb

Thumb-sucking is a very common habit among young children. Babies have natural rooting and sucking reflexes, causing them to put their thumbs and fingers in their mouths. This can even happen when there are still in the womb. However, you may be wondering how long it goes on. As your child gets older, will this affect their oral health or well-being? Continue reading to learn more about the effects of thumb-sucking and some steps to get your child to discontinue the habit.


Will School Lunches Give Your Child Cavities?

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Children eating lunch

While your child is at school, they need to make all sorts of choices throughout the day. This includes what they are going to be eating for lunch. From the school cafeteria line to prepared lunches from home, you know that it is crucial for your child to get all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. However, have you ever thought about how their lunch is affecting their smile? Read on to learn about some of the great and not-so-great food items for your child to enjoy at lunchtime.


Are Dental X-rays Safe for Kids?

August 4, 2022

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dentist showing child dental x-ray

Parents want to do everything they can to protect their children. Is there a risk for them to get dental X-rays? You know it’s important for their dentist to be informed about their smile, but some clarity on the situation sure would put your mind at ease about the use of radiation. While dental technology is obviously more advanced than when you were little, keep reading as a pediatric dentist in Castle Rock answers the question in detail.


Which Foods Can Improve Children’s Oral Health?

July 14, 2022

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child smiling with vegetables in front of her

As a parent, you do everything possible to ensure your children are happy and healthy. Well, that includes making certain they have sufficient vitamins and minerals in their everyday diet. Being mindful of the foods they consume isn’t just beneficial to their overall health – it can keep their smile problem-free! With a few simple additions, you can drastically lower their risk of issues like cavities and gum disease. Read on to learn which delicious choices can improve children’s oral health!


3 Signs Your Baby is Teething

June 14, 2022

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A teething baby

When raising a baby, most know the important milestones their child will experience. There’s the first crawl, the first steps, the first solid food, etc. But a vital development often gets overlooked amid the others: the teething process. After all, parents must know how to react once their kids start getting their first “baby” teeth.

For those wanting to be prepared when the time comes, here’s a summary of three common teething signs and some ways to ease the little one’s discomfort.

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