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Oral Cancer Screenings – Castle Rock, CO

Expert Prevention and Detection for Children

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Dentists alone find 84% of oral cancers early on, making oral cancer screenings in Castle Rock an important part of your child’s routine checkup. While they don’t have as much of a risk as adults, we still check for this problem so if there is cancer, we can detect it before it becomes life-threatening. Dr. Layne Benzley and his team are experienced in detecting the warning signs of oral cancer.

The Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

There are many signs and symptoms of oral cancer, but unfortunately, most of them are hard to detect with an untrained eye. Thankfully, Dr. Benzley can thoroughly check for symptoms of oral cancer like:

If you or your child notices or feels any of these symptoms, contact our office right away. We may recommend a biopsy for further investigation, which is the first step towards stopping cancer in its tracks.

Why We Check Children for Oral Cancer

While chances are incredibly slim for a child to get oral cancer, we still provide oral cancer screenings because it is a possibility. Even though they don’t use tobacco products or smoke, their small chance of getting oral cancer is worth checking. When oral cancer is detected early on, there’s a much higher chance of a full recovery rate.

What Your Child Can Expect During Their Oral Cancer Screening

Your child’s oral cancer screening only takes a few minutes as a part of their routine appointment. It’s noninvasive, so they will remain happy and comfortable throughout the process. Dr. Benzley will examine your son or daughter’s mouth, jaw, neck, head, lips, cheeks, gums, tongue, and throat for any cancerous tissue or abnormalities. Because these signs are hard to detect, this visual examination is paramount to the health of your kid.

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