Nightguards for Bruxism – Castle Rock, CO

Customized Teeth Grinding Protection for Children

Model smile grinding teeth before nightguards for bruxism

Does your child clench or grind their teeth at night while they’re sleeping? This is a common condition that millions of children face, called bruxism. The regular force and pressure that they’re placing on their teeth and facial muscles when they do this is tremendous and can cause oral health problems to arise down the road. Without the proper protection, your child could be at risk of altering the development of their mouth. That’s why Dr. Layne Benzley offers customized nightguards for bruxism at our Castle Rock, CO dental office that are specially crafted for maximized protection and comfort. For questions or to schedule an appointment to learn how you can protect your child’s smile, be sure to contact our pediatric dental office.


Why Choose Castle Rock Smiles Pediatric Dentistry for Nightguards for Bruxism?

  • Animated tooth with chip Protect Teeth from Erosion,
    Chipping, and Cracking
  • Animated tooth and shield Highly Customized for
    Best Fit and Protection
  • Animated hand holding tooth Affordable Care in a
    Comfortable Dental Office



What is Bruxism?

Closeup of smile with bruxism

Bruxism is a tooth grinding and clenching condition that children commonly suffer from that can be diagnosed during regular preventive dentistry visits. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including bite misalignment and stress. Experts believe that two out of every ten children have it, but many of them outgrow it once their smile fully develops. Although this may be the case, it’s still important to protect their fragile new teeth from becoming damaged or broken, which is why Dr. Benzley offers customized pediatric nightguards.

As children exert tremendous pressure on their teeth when they grind and clench, they also strain their facial muscles and erode their enamel, opening the door for countless oral health problems to develop down the road. Customized nightguards help keep this from happening by shielding their teeth and cushioning their facial muscles and jaw.

What Are Pediatric Nightguards?

Hand holding a custom nightguard

Pediatric nightguards are customized to fit your child’s unique dental structure, providing them with maximized protection. They’re crafted from highly durable and long-lasting materials that are built to withstand nightly episodes, such as a heat-cured plastic or softer acrylic. Our nightguards have undergone rigorous testing and quality-checks to ensure that they’re completely safe and effective while protecting your little one’s smile. As long as your child is diligent about wearing their nightguard, they should notice a reduction in common symptoms of bruxism, such as headaches and jaw pain.

How Should You Maintain Your Child’s Bruxism Nightguard?

Child on playground smiling

Because your child will be using their nightguard every day, it’s important to regularly clean and sanitize it. You can do this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Brushing their nightguard with a non-abrasive brush and toothpaste.
  • Rinsing their nightguard after each use.
  • Washing their nightguard with antibacterial soap.
  • Using a non-alcohol-based cleaner made specially to disinfect nightguards.

With regular maintenance, not only will their nightguard last longer, but you’ll also be reducing their risk of developing oral health problems due to bacteria transfer.