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Mouthguards – Castle Rock, CO

Protecting Little Smiles from Big Injuries


Do you have an active son or daughter at home? Physical activity is healthy for your little ones, but it’s important to keep their teeth protected. That’s why we offer custom-made mouthguards for your children. Now, they can play with confidence and sleep without worrying about grinding their teeth. Our mouthguards are not only stronger and more effective, but they last longer and are more comfortable to wear than over-the-counter mouthguards.


Why Children and Teens Need Mouthguards

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At Castle Rock Smiles, we offer custom-made mouthguards for 2 main reasons:


Teeth grinding (bruxism) is common in children, especially during sleep. This dental habit can affect their current oral health, but it can also influence them to grind their teeth for the rest of their life. We can provide your little ones with personalized mouthguards to eliminate this problem and keep their teeth safe. If they can get used to wearing a mouthguard early on, it will make it much easier to protect their teeth by wearing one as they grow older.


Playing sports is possibly the most common reason why your child may need a mouthguard. Dental injuries are common during contact sports, but they can also occur during sports like basketball and baseball. In fact, one study shows that 40% of sports-related dental injuries happen in these sports alone. For this reason, it’s important that your kids wear mouthguards during any type of physical activity—even playing on the playground can cause dental injuries.

How is a Mouthguard Created?

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We create your child’s custom-made mouthguard by first taking impressions of their teeth. We can make oral appliances for those with or without braces, which is one of the many advantages of coming to our office over picking a store-bought solution. Once we have created a mold of your teeth, we’ll send it over to an expert lab to have your child’s personalized mouthguard fabricated. During the second appointment, we will ensure that it fits your kids’ mouth properly and shave down any excess material for a comfortable fit. After, they’ll have a mouthguard that lasts much longer than over-the-counter products and it will fit their mouth with ease.

Maintaining Your Child’s Mouthguard


Not taking proper care of your child’s mouthguard can put them at risk of serious oral health issues like infection. Your kids may rinse their mouthguard out with water, but that’s simply not enough. Your son or daughter’s mouthguard should be brushed with toothpaste to remove built up debris. Then, rinse it with soapy water for the best possible clean. You can also soak them in antimicrobial solutions to reduce the number of bacteria. It’s important to avoid using hot water on their mouthguard because it could permanently warp the plastic.

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