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What Are Reasons for Children’s Tooth Extractions?

May 4, 2022

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When a dentist surgically removes a primary tooth, it is often called a “baby tooth extraction.” As a parent, if you ever hear a dentist say that your child needs their tooth pulled, you’ll certainly want to understand why. Isn’t that baby tooth going to fall out anyway? The truth is this is one of the most common pediatric dentistry procedures. Continue reading to learn from a pediatric dentist in Castle Rock reasons why children’s tooth extractions are sometimes necessary and get some aftercare tips.


How to Help Your Child Heal from a Tooth Extraction

April 7, 2022

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child smiling after tooth extraction

Believe it or not, tooth extractions have become a routine procedure for children as well. Even though you may want your little one’s teeth to fall out naturally, certain complications can make that process difficult, resulting in issues that require intervention. While removing a tooth may sound scary, it can keep your child’s smile strong and healthy for years to come! That said, here’s how to care for your child after their procedure to ensure total comfort and proper healing.


Signs Your Baby Is Teething

March 8, 2022

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teething baby chewing on a toy

If your baby is teething, it may not be as easy to tell as you would think. Though a baby’s first tooth can erupt as early as three or four months of age, it may also take until their first birthday. By knowing what the signs of teething look like, you know the best ways to help ease your little one’s discomfort. Read on to learn more about the teething timeline, signs to look out for, and how you can help your baby deal with the discomfort.


When Is My Child Old Enough for an Electric Toothbrush?

February 4, 2022

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young girl using electric toothbrush

Does your child try to turn every toothbrushing session into a production worthy of a Hollywood movie? You aren’t alone in terms of parents who face these theatrics daily. Even an experienced dentist might have a tough time convincing a young child how important brushing is for their oral health. You may be considering upgrading their manual toothbrush to an electric one to get them excited about brushing, but are you unsure whether your child is ready? Read on to learn more from your children’s dentist in Castle Rock about electric toothbrushes for kids and at what age you can make the switch. 


5 Unique Ways to Welcome the Tooth Fairy

January 12, 2022

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child holding lost tooth in hand

For most children, losing a tooth means looking forward to finding money tucked underneath their pillow the next morning. It’s tradition for the Tooth Fairy to replace the tooth with a small gift, encouraging little ones to take proper care of their pearly whites while simultaneously getting them excited about their growing smiles. However, there are other fun ways to welcome the magical sprite that are just as exciting as the usual method. Read along to find out what they are!


Oral Hygiene Guide for Children with Special Needs

December 8, 2021

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mom helping daughter with special needs dentistry in Castle Rock

Though you may know how important it is to brush your teeth twice per day and floss once per day, children with emotional, behavioral, physical, or intellectual disabilities may struggle to do so. They may require additional help to properly clean their teeth if they have trouble remembering to do so or their fine motor skills make it difficult for them. Read on to learn four tips that can help you keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy with special needs dentistry in Castle Rock.


Pulpectomy & Pulpotomy: Breaking Down Root Canals for Kids

October 30, 2021

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Child looking in mirror as dentist points to their teeth

It’s no secret that cavities are prevalent, but did you know tooth decay is one of the most common diseases in children? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s second only to the common cold! Furthermore, roughly 20% of children between the ages of 5 and 11 have at least one untreated cavity. If left unchecked, the root of the problem can worsen, requiring a pulpectomy or pulpotomy. To learn more about root canals for kids, read on!


5 Myths About Children’s Teeth Debunked by a Pediatric Dentist

September 23, 2021

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a child playing with a toy phone on a floor

Nobody hands you a how-to book on what you can expect as your child’s smile develops. However, with help from your pediatric dentist, you can make sure that their oral health remains on the right track. By knowing these five dental myths, which you’ve probably heard about, and why you shouldn’t take them as fact, you can take better care of your child’s smile without having a looming sense of being an “inadequate parent” linger over your head.


8 Foods That Can Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

August 26, 2021

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Smiling girl with watermelon and good children's oral health

If you’re a parent, you already know that children grow way too fast! That’s why it’s essential that you make sure they get all the vitamins and minerals they need for healthy bones, skin, and immune system. But what about their teeth and gums? With a few simple additions to your child’s daily diet, you can help keep their teeth strong and dramatically lower their risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues. Read on as we list out eight delicious choices for better children’s oral health!


5 FAQs About Dental Sealants Answered

August 10, 2021

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Smiling boy points to his new dental sealants for children

Without a doubt, teaching your child how to brush and floss their teeth is one of the best ways you can help them prevent cavities. However, this simple daily task isn’t always so easy when they’re first learning. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning the back molars, which are large, hard to reach, and contain deep grooves. To help protect that precious smile from decay while they learn about great oral hygiene, talk to your dentist about dental sealants for children. This quick and simple treatment can make all the difference in keeping that growing smile happy, healthy, and cavity-free. Read on as we answer five of the most common questions parents ask about dental sealants.

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