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Pediatric Extractions – Castle Rock, CO

Keeping Your Child’s Smile Healthy

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In an ideal world, your child’s healthy baby teeth would fall out on their own when the right time comes along, paving the way for evenly spaced, perfectly aligned, and strong permanent teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes complications can make this process more difficult and require intervention, such as removing a tooth. Although Dr. Benzley and our team here at Castle Rock Smiles will do everything possible to save natural teeth and avoid extraction, this procedure may be needed to keep your child’s smile healthy in the long run.

When is pediatric extraction needed?

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Your child’s baby teeth are supposed to fall out to make way for healthy permanent teeth, but in some situations, things can go wrong and necessitate extraction. Examples of these kinds of situations include:

In each of these circumstances, extraction may be the best or only option for your smile’s benefit. If Dr. Benzley recommends extraction, it will likely be for these reasons, but make sure that you fully understand so that you and your child can feel confident moving forward with this procedure.

What is the extraction process?

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Believe it or not, removing a tooth can vary case by case. Whereas most baby teeth can be extracted by simply pulling them with dental pliers, molars or premolars may require more invasive measures to complete the procedure. When we evaluate your child, we can tell you more specifically what your child will need. Extracting a tooth may seem complex or painful at first glance, but our caring team at Castle Rock Smiles will be with your child every step of the way, ensuring their comfort throughout the procedure. In addition to local anesthetic, which removes any pain, we use several forms of sedation to help our young patients feel relaxed.

What can I expect after pediatric extraction?

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After your child has a tooth extracted, it’s important to take care of the site so it heals properly. For example, the site needs to develop a blood clot, which protects the vulnerable tissue and nerves in the gums as they heal. Although we will provide more specific care instructions after your child’s procedure, here are a few ways you can help your child recover from extraction:

With our knowledgeable, compassionate team by your side, you can make sure that your child’s smile is strong and healthy now and for many years to come.